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In the hospitality business,  PREMIER STAFFING is at a premium.





Business owners in the hospitality business want a reliable resource to find excellent hospitality professionals.PREMIER STAFFING

They need:

  • Chefs
  • Kitchen hands
  • Baristas
  • Wait staff
  • Bartenders
  • Housekeepers

Outstanding hospitality workers want a solid resource to plan their work schedule.

Now, there’s a convenient, user-friendly way to make the connection between a hospitality business, and the workers they employ.

Hospitality Vault App, a PREMIER STAFFING Solution

The Hospitality Vault app provides a business owner with user profiles of hospitality professionals. There has not Cost, It’s totally Free.

A business owner can see:PREMIER STAFFING

  • Skillset
  • Availability
  • Per hour rate $
  • Ratings of the worker

Top rated workers rise to the top of the list.

The business owner can set up a booking to employ that worker, and at the end of the shift, rate the worker out of 5 stars.

Hospitality workers can set up their own profile. At no cost.

They can upload trade certificates and work documentation.

Workers will have full control to set up entries on a live custom calendar, showing when they are available to work, and for what rate.

A small booking fee $4.95 per booking, per day, per venue.

At the end of the shift, they can rate the business out of 5 Stars.


  • Business owners can be assured of having highly rated, qualified hospitality professionals when they are needed.
  • Hospitality workers have control over the shifts they work, how much they earn and assure a steady stream of work.

Click the links for Apple or Android today to set up profiles, and streamline your scheduling!


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