WIN 2 Night Hotel GETAWAY


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JOB APP WIN 2 Night Hotel GETAWAY by referring your hospitality community to the Hospitality Vault Job App. Watch your rank on the leaderboard. WIN 2 Night Hotel GETAWAY. JOB APP   Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these Conditions of Entry. Entry into this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Conditions of Entry. Entry is free and open to AU residents only, aged over 18 who tag a friend on the relevant post on Social Media, during the promotional period as set out in clause The promotion commences 29th March 2018 at 6:30pm and closes on 31st May […]


BEST JOB PLACEMENT AGENCIES: Hospitality Vault App- Job Search

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  BEST JOB PLACEMENT AGENCIES: Job Search Hospitality workers have a crucial role to play in the humanization of a business. They are the major actors as far as providing an impeccable customer experience goes. Hospitality workers are often in direct contact with your customers and have the most opportunity to make a good impression on your business. Away from making customers happy, successfully fulfilling their various roles within the organization makes it run smoothly as a body. Hospitality worker positions range from waitstaff, bartenders, caterers, support staff, baristas, housekeepers, chefs, kitchen hands and a lot more.   Are you […]



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THE HOSPITALITY VAULT APP VS TEMP AGENCIES Are you happy with Temp Agencies?  Every one of your employees counts to the success of your business, even the janitor. The quality of your business customer service has a huge chunk of influence on how well your business performs. If performed poorly by unqualified staff, it could lay waste to your excellent business strategies, disrupt business relationships with loyal customers and business associates…….. ………….So, it’s there to be seen, why you need the best personnel to handle the hospitality end of your business. For long periods, the most patronized source for hospitality […]


Part-Time/Night Work

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PART-TIME/NIGHT WORK When you are looking for Part-time/night work, life can start to get a bit rough. Suddenly you’re responsible for expenses and bills begin to pile up. Whether you knew it or not, housing, transportation, insurance, gas, and food sometimes cost more money than you have. All those expenses can become overwhelming……… ………..Fortunately, there are several lucrative part-time jobs available. In this economy, employers are downsizing, and are more willing to offer part-time positions now rather than employ someone full-time.   To find a job that suits your schedule and needs as a full-time or part-time, consider a night […]

premier staffing

Hospitality Vault

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Hospitality Vault App In the hospitality business,  PREMIER STAFFING is at a premium.         Business owners in the hospitality business want a reliable resource to find excellent hospitality professionals. They need: Chefs Kitchen hands Baristas Wait staff Bartenders Housekeepers Outstanding hospitality workers want a solid resource to plan their work schedule. Now, there’s a convenient, user-friendly way to make the connection between a hospitality business, and the workers they employ. Hospitality Vault App, a PREMIER STAFFING Solution The Hospitality Vault app provides a business owner with user profiles of hospitality professionals. There has not Cost, It’s totally […]


On Demand Millinnels in Hospitality

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MILLENNIALS IN HOSPITALITY As of now, there are 3.1 million Australians working as freelancers or some form of on-demand work. 38% of this these people are MILLENNIALS IN HOSPITALITY, that is people that were born between 1982 and 2004.   The question then is what has made the workers in this millennial the freelance lifestyle? It is because they would prefer to work for a company with flexible working conditions and lifestyle over that with high pay. They want to be in total control of their career life, they also want their career goals to be in sync with that […]

interview tips

Keywords to Add to Your Resume

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INTERVIEW TIPS- Writing a professional resume is very important when you are searching for a job, Hospitality Vault has put a list together to help you, so it is of utmost importance to make the resume perfect. Thankfully we are in the modern age and Hospitality Vault App has made everything easy. Instead of spending days or even months sorting through the large number of applications, an application tracking system can be used. What is an applicant  tracking system you may ask. Well, it is the Hospitality Vault app that enables recruitment process by sorting through a large number of […]