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Profile Setup is FREE

Download & setup a free profile, wait for Businesses to contact you. Only pay $4.95 when you receive booking request. Per booking, Per venue, Per Day.

Complete Control

Workers are in control of when, where & hourly rate on a custom calendar.

Set Your Hourly Rates

Day Shift 5am-4pm=$...... Evening Shift 4pm-12am=$..... Night Shift 12am-5am=$......

Job Experience Pictures

Upload Pictures of your on the job experience and trade documents. Sell yourself to the Business with your Multi Functional experience.

Workers (Bartender,Chef,Wait Kitchen-hands,Cooks,FIFO Chefs,Housekeepers) using the Hospitality Vault have complete control, to pick where they work, when they work & how much they charge on their live custom calendar. Workers can sign up under their "PTY LTD" Business, "Sole Trader" (require a current ABN number & Public Liability Certificate of currency Insurance) or as "Casual Worker". As a casual worker they fall under the Business that hires them banner. The worker will receive a request from a business. The worker will see in the request-

  • Date of work
  • Venue Name
  • Start & Finish Time
  • Hourly rates (which are locked in by worker in their availability calendar)

The worker will confirm the booking with the business using Hospitality Vault & a $4.95 booking fee will be charged to the worker. Per Venue, per Day, per booking. At the end of each booking the worker rates the business out of 5 stars.

It’s A Win-Win Opportunity For Both Businesses And Skilled Hospitality Workers! Our App Is Designed By Hospitality Workers For Hospitality Workers And Businesses. No Matter What Side Of The Equation You’re On, You’ll Love How Easy It Makes Your Job.

Our Goal Is To Simplify Hospitality Recruitment. No More Hassle Over Uncertainty About Who To Hire. No More Questions Over Whether This Business Is Good To Work With.

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